Preclinical development strategy formulation
     Combined with FDA, CFDA regulations and guidelines for product characteristics, indications, development strategies to develop non-clinical research
Strategies and programs

     Flexible according to the registration environment, the status quo of similar products, pre-clinical data development strategy
Preclinical pharmacological toxicology trials
     Comprehensive assessment of professional qualification and quality assurance system selection of the most professional and cost-effective non-clinical research institutions
     Work with internal and external experts to develop a comprehensive scientific test program, taking into account the scientific and project progress
     Pharmacokinetics and immunogenicity of biological macromolecules 
     Coordinate the implementation of non-clinical commissioned research to ensure project progress and quality
     Continuously provide scientific guidance throughout the preclinical study period, and adjust the trial protocol in a timely manner in response to new and emerging data

Our technical advantages and characteristics of services:
     Study on Immunogenicity of Biomacromolecule Drugs and Pharmacokinetic Methods
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