Antibody engineering including humanization, antibody affinity maturation and Fc engineering, are crucial process in antibody discovery, which affect a molecule’s safety profile. Supported by decades of experience in global biopharma, Mab-Venture is able to provide top notch humanization services based on novel strategy with the consideration of affinity, immunogenicity and drug productivity. Assisted with antibody database and bioinformatics, we provide affinity maturation services using random and site-directed mutagenesis on selected CDRs to optimize antibody affinity and cross-reactivity target. We established the Fc engineering technology to ensure the antibody stability and ADCC/CDC potency by site-directed mutation or glycosylation modification. 
What we are committed to:
Humanization: 3 humanized sequence provided and the antibody binding affinity will be close to that of the parental mouse monoclonal antibody.
Affinity maturation : Kd improvement to nM, 1-3 antibody delivery to client. 
Fc engineering: ADCC/CDC potency and the stability characterized by half-time are improved. 

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