Active construction of stable cell lines
Host cell:The host cell is selected according to customer's need, for example: HEK293, CHO-K1, CHO-DG44, Jurkat cell.
Expression vectors:Selection markers such as neomycin, hygromycin and puromycin, are used Cell lines screened for stable expression.
Stable cell line type
For detecting receptor binding activity of membrane proteins; FACS or cell-based ELISA test can be utilized.
Cell receptor membrane protein with a reporter gene system, can be used to detect proteins and receptors and downstream signaling pathways to the combination of (such as activation of the TCR, MAPK/ERK signaling pathway activation).
Work Process

Skilled cell manipulation skills and habits are a prerequisite for the development of cellular activity methods
       Correct cell culture, digestion, passage, cryopreservation and resuscitation of experimental procedures and habits
     Pipette tips, use habits
     Sample dilution operation instructions, habits (serial dilution or single point dilution)
     The correct operation of the microplate reader, and the readiness to read the plate
Cell activity monitoring is an important task that requires long-term adherence
The development and establishment of active methods are increasingly dependent on the construction of cell lines
     ADCC, PD1 / PD-L1, GLP-1, EPO cell activity and the like

For the detection of a protein in vitro activity of cell lines obtained curve

The results of flow cytometry for detecting the binding activity of a protein antibody

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