Design, development of immunogenicity (immunogenicity) -related technical methods: for macromolecular drug bioanalytical methods and related immunity, and cytology experiments
Our service advantages: to provide customers from the experimental design, planning, implementation of the whole process of reporting to the results of professional services
Study on Immunogenicity of Biomacromolecular Drugs
Immunogenicity is the body's ability to produce an immune response when stimulated by the outside world

Development and validation of bioanalysis-related technical methods: Targeting the pre-clinical and clinical bioanalytical methods of monoclonal antibodies
Our technical advantages: the use of specific antibody reagents (for antigenic determinant)

Pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic services
The preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetics and metabolism of biomacromolecules are the basis of drug efficacy evaluation or toxicity research, which are the main basis and tool for drug preparation research, and provide scientific basis for designing and optimizing drug delivery scheme. The key to achieving these results, however, lies in the reliability of the methodology, which is to establish reliable and reproducible methods for quantitative analysis of drugs. The method must meet the specificity requirements, reach a certain detection limit, have better precision, accuracy and recovery, and not subject to complex matrix interference. In order to meet the needs of clinical research and clinical research, we developed pharmacokinetic studies, toxicological studies, design and development of quantitative methods for the identification of various biomacromolecules.

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